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Step 1 Seclect Type and size by Width


  • Nylon Lanyards

    As low as $ 0.714
  • Polyester Lanyards

    As low as $ 0.490
  • Tubular Lanyards

    As low as $ 0.672
  • Neoprene Lanyards

    Neoprene Lanyards

    As low as $ 0.650

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Step 2 Seclect Color and size by Leangth

Step 3 Design Your Lanyard & add Clipart or logo

This auto-generated preview is just for a reference. Our artwork team will send you real design to get approval from you.

Add Clips

  • Metal Bulldog Clip

    +0.00 each

  • Metal Carabiner Hook

    +0.03 each

  • Metal Lobster Claw

    +0.00 each

  • Metal Oval Hook

    +0.03 each

  • Metal Ring

    +0.00 each

  • No-Swival Hook

    +0.03 each

  • Metal Swivel J-Hook

    +0.00 each

  • Thumb Hook

    +0.15 each

  • Plastic Bulldog Clip

    +0.15 each

  • Plastic Cellphone Loop

    +0.00 each

  • Plastic J Hook

    +0.15 each

  • Metal Lobster Claw ( Black )

    +0.20 each

Safety Buckle

  • +0.08 each

  • +0.09 each

Badge Holder




Bulk Packing :

Bulk Packaging option is our standard shipping option. Dependent on quantity, your products will arrive either in a large carton or courier bag to allow your products to arrive in time efficient way. There is no petty packaging to worry about, simply open your package when it arrives.

Step 4 Estimated Delivery Time

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